The First

Buddy’s Bud Co is Indiana, PA’s first dedicated CBD and Delta-8 dispensary catering to people's need for a place to obtain legal, high-quality, lab-tested flower, edibles, and concentrates. We maintain local, state, and federal compliance while exceeding industry standards to provide an exceptionally potent, but more importantly—safe—product line for our customers.

PA Grown. PA Tested.

Edibles Made @ Buddy's WV!


All of our products are sourced from three different farms across the state. These three farms were the only ones to grow, produce, and cure on-site while strictly using Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture approved testing Laboratories. All edibles on our shelves are professionally infused in our West Virginia location by ServSafe Certified bakers from two of our partner farms. All of our products carry a lab test and potency guarantee, so feel free to ask for any documentation when inside of our shop!

PA Grown PA Tested.

Come Chill

We’re more than a shop for personal procurement. We wanted to create a safe space for everyone to enjoy being around like-minded people who just want to chill. Enjoy pulling up a chair and table to study while sipping a seltzer. Grab your friends to play some video games, board games, billiards, or ping pong. All patrons can use the facilities completely for free!